Apothic Red 

Apothic Red is the red wine blend. 

In 3 years, they became the top-selling wine in Canada, creating new sub-categories, and inspiring a whole aisle of copycats. They constantly push the boundaries of the category, offering flavour combinations that no other wine dares to try.


Reinventing Red 


Wine Truck

The Apothic Wine truck will be located at different events that are already popular to our target consumer, like Nuit Blanche, Wayhome music festival and the Holiday Market. There is a menu catered to the location it will be at.

Recipe Book

The purpose for this execution is to give consumers a fun and different way to drink their wine

Bartender PR Kits 

The PR kits are going to be sent out to bartenders that work at low-key bars across Canada, in order for them to create their very own Apothic Red cocktail.


Using Format